Swedish Holocaust Museum

National Historical Museums is to establish the Swedish Holocaust Museum. You can follow the progress of this ongoing work now via our newsletter and soon on social media.

The Swedish Holocaust Museum will be situated in Stockholm, at Torsgatan 19. The museum will preserve and pass on the memory of the Holocaust as it pertains to Sweden. The Living History Forum has collected artefacts that will form the basis of the collections of the Swedish Holocaust Museum. The museum itself will continue to collect material.

The museum will seek out national and international collaborations with various organisations, one important element of which will be collaboration on studies and research projects intended to increase knowledge of the Holocaust. Although the museum will be arranging its first public events in June in the form of digital activities, it will be the work of many years to develop and shape the museum's organisation. You can follow the development of the Swedish Holocaust Museum in our newsletter and, eventually, on social media.

A part of National Historical Museums

The Swedish Holocaust Museum is a part of the Swedish agency National Historical Museum. National Historical Museums is tasked with promoting knowledge of and interest in Sweden's history and with preserving and developing the cultural heritage that the agency administers. The operations are to be a matter of interest for everyone in society.

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The agency is also responsible for the contract archaeology service known as The Archaeologists.


Follow the work of the museum via our newsletter (in Swedish).


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