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The Archive

The Archive at the Swedish Holocaust Museum provides access to documentation and facts for those who want to learn more about the Holocaust. In our archive station you will find archives from different parts of the world.

Dimensions in Testimony

On the website and at the Swedish Holocuast Museum there are two interactive biographies, Elisabeth Citroms and Tobias Rawets, both survivors of the Holocaust. The two Swedish-language versions were launched in summer 2022 by the Swedish Holocaust Museum and are available nationwide.

In 2024, you will find Dimensions in Testimony in the museum's lounge.

I Arkivet på Sveriges museum om Förintelsen kan besökare samtala med Elisabeth Citrom genom AI-teknik i Dimensions in Testimony.
The physical installation opened to the public in june 2023 in the Archive at the Swedish Holocaust Museum. Photo: Lydia Rosell Cacho, Swedish Holocaust Museum/SHM.

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Archive station 

The Archive also has one archive station where you can search for more facts in archives from different parts of the world. In the museum you can also access the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive, which is only available in a few places in the world. There you can listen to over 55,000 video interviews.

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In 2024, you will find the archive station next to the exhibition Seven Lives.


Dimensions in Testimony provides an opportunity to ask questions to Swedish survivors from the Holocaust.

Portrait of Elisabeth Citrom, survivor of the Holocaust.