Visit Seven lives at Torsgatan 19 in Stockholm

The museum's first exhibition is based on seven life stories.

Identification document on top of a striped prison jacket.
Photo: Ola Myrin, Swedish Holocaust Museum/SHM.

Opening hours and practical information

The first exhibition opened on 21 June 2023. Free admission during 2023.

Group of people stand on a ship's deck looking up at the photographer. On the deck are also two white buses with Swedish flags and the red cross symbol.
Photo: K. W. Gullers, Nordiska museet (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Stories of survivors

Read about destinies from persecution to Sweden

Photo: Ola Myrin, Swedish Holocaust Museum/SHM.


The Swedish Holocaust Museum will collect artefacts, documents and other material that illuminate the Holocaust in a historical context, including the testimonies of survivors with links to Sweden, as well as their descendants and those who knew them.