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We are constantly working to make the Swedish Holocaust Museum more accessible to all. Entrance to the museum is free of charge. An escort or assistant always has free admission to the museum.

Good to know before your visit

  • There is a parking space outside the museum entrance for cars with a parking permit for disabled.
  • Parking spaces can be found in Torsgatan and nearby streets. 
  • There are two emergency exits. If anything should happen, contact one of the museum staff on the floor you are on. In the event of evacuation, follow the museum staff’s instructions. 
  • The Swedish Holocaust Museum is up one staircase on Torsgatan 19. There are two lifts up to the museum floor.
  • The main entrance to Torsgatan 19 is 89 centimetres wide and 228 centimetres high; there is an automatic door opener. 
  • The entrance to the museum is 100 centimetres wide and 210 centimetres high. 
  • There are lifts to the museum floor (floor 1) There are two lifts with doors 90 centimetres wide and 200 centimetres high and the lift is 212 centimetres high inside. 
  • Push chairs and buggies can be taken into the museum, or there are two parking places for push chairs and buggies at the entrance. If you need to breastfeed or give a baby bottle, you can do this in the museum lounge. 
  • You can borrow a magnifying glass or torch from the museum shop.
  • There are no teleloops. 
  • There are no portable hearing loops. 
  • There is one accessible toilet in the museum that is 215 x 215 centimetres inside. Door width 90 centimetres. Arm supports beside the toilet: height 80 centimetres. 
  • All public areas are accessible with a wheelchair, walking frame or child’s buggy. 
  • The information and shop counters have a lower section. 
  • Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome.


Coats and bags may not be taken into the museum. You need to hang up your jacket on the coat racks in the entrance. Bags larger than A4 size may not be taken into the museum. There are small lockers at the entrance to the museum where you can leave your outer clothing. The cabinets are 37.5 centimeters long, 27 centimeters wide and 40.5 centimeters deep. Note! We cannot be responsible for bags that do not fit in the lockers, but refer to larger lockers that are available at, for example, Stockholm's central station. Bags may not be left unattended in the museum.

Accessible exhibitions

We are working actively to make our exhibitions accessible. Our ambition is to make exhibitions that are accessible to everyone who wishes to visit us. It should be possible for everyone to move around in the museum and absorb all the information in the exhibition. Before a new exhibition opens, we test the texts, media technology and exhibition environment in their entirety together with visitors, to ensure that the exhibition works for the intended target groups.

Accessibility of the exhibition Seven Lives 

  • The Seven Lives exhibition has texts in Swedish and English. 
  • Some parts of the exhibition may be perceived to be dark – this is because some exhibits need to be protected. 
  • The exhibition includes sound.


If you have any questions about accessibility in our premises, please email info@museumforintelsen.se.