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Prices and tickets

Entrance to the Swedish Holocaust Museum is free of charge in 2024. The entrance charge includes entry to museum exhibitions. There may be a charge for guided tours and special programmes. 

Free entrance

Free admission during 2024.
There may be a charge for guided tours and special programmes.

Tickets for special programmes and lectures 

Special programmes and lectures can often be booked via external links and the cost will vary.

Guided tours

We offer guided tours of the museum for school pupils, teachers and the general public.

Practical information before your visit

  • Cloakroom: Coats and bags may not be taken into the museum. You need to hang up your jacket on the coat racks in the entrance. Bags larger than A4 size may not be taken into the museum. There are small lockers at the entrance to the museum where you can leave your outer clothing. The cabinets are 37.5 centimeters long, 27 centimeters wide and 40.5 centimeters deep. Note! We cannot be responsible for bags that do not fit in the lockers, but refer to larger lockers that are available at, for example, Stockholm's central station. Bags may not be left unattended in the museum.
  • Packed lunches: Food and drink may not be taken into the museum. You can find restaurants and cafés in the area. As well as restaurants in Torsgatan, there is also a good selection in Rörstrandsgatan and S:t Eriksgatan.
  • Push chairs and buggies: There are two parking places for push chairs and buggies at the entrance. If there is no space left, you can take a push chair or buggy into the exhibition area, but speak to the staff on the information desk first.
  • Accessibility: You can find information about accessibility in the museum here.