Talk in English

The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto

September 4 at 18:00-19:00

Maria Ferenc in conversation with Margit Silberstein about The Ringelblum Archive. Samtalet kommer att hållas på engelska / The talk will be held in English.
The first archive box is recovered from the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto in Warsaw. Foto: Judiska Historiska Institutet i Warszawa

About one year after the Second World War ended, ten metal boxes were found under the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto. The paper sheets in the boxes were wet, difficult to disassemble, partially moldy and marked by rust from paper clips. It was the first part of the secret ghetto archive, the Ringelblum Archive, named after its creator. It contains several thousand public and private documents in metal milk cans and boxes. The second part of the archive was found in 1950, the third part is still missing.

What do we know about the Ringelblum Archive and what makes this material so unique?

The evening starts with a shorter presentation of the Ringelblum Archive by Holocaust researcher Maria Ferenc. After the lecture Margit Silberstein leads a discussion with Maria Ferenc.

Judiska Historiska Institutet i Warszawa

One of the metal boxes in which parts of the Ringelblum archive was found.

arkivet 1950
Judiska Historiska Institutet i Warszawa

Researchers from the Jewish Historical Institute classifying the Ringelblum archive.

Judiska Historiska Institutet i Warszawa

One of the milk cannisters in which parts of the Ringelblum archive was found.

The program is in collaboration with Vänföreningen för Museet de polska judarnas historia POLIN, Judiska församlingen i Stockholm, Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies, Föreningen Förintelsens överlevande och Sveriges museum om Förintelsen. Med stöd av Stockholms stad.

Program Participants

Maria Ferenc is a Holocaust researcher. She is the coordinator of the project of the English edition of the Ringelblum Archive and the research project "Encyclopedia of the Warsaw Ghetto". Since 2023 she has been employed at the Department of Jewish Studies at the University of Wrocław.

Margit Silberstein is a journalist and author. For many years she worked as a political commentator for SVT. Three years ago she published the book Förintelsens barn (Children of the Holocaust) about her parents who survived the Holocaust. At the end of January, her book Hand in Hand with the Children of Treblinka about Janusz Korczak was published.

  • Price: 75 SEK. Registration is required through Ticksterlink.
  • Swedish Holocaust Museum, Torsgatan 19, Stockholm. Floor 5.
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